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Name Hee Young Jo
Undergraduate Kyungpook National University (Chemistry)
Research Mamalian Brain glycosylation/ Marine Toxin Analysis
e-Mail jhyoung216@gmail.com

Name Ji Eun Park
Undergraduate Yeungnam University (Biochemistry)
Research Immunogenicity-related non-human glycan analysis in mammalian
e-Mail jieuna9800@gmail.com

Name Sol Kim
Undergraduate Chungbuk National University (Chemical engineering)
Research Exopolysaccharides / Cell therapy
e-Mail kimsol0526@gmail.com

Name Jae Ho Kim
Undergraduate Cheongju University (Biomedical science)
Research Proteomics/Glycoproteomics in human Fluid and tissue
e-Mail kimjaeho1995@gmail.com

Name Hong Ju Kim
Undergraduate Daejeon University (Applied Chemistry)
Research Development of analytical platform for monosaccharide quantitation
e-Mail kimhongju97@gmail.com

Name Daesik Cho
Undergraduate Daegu hanny University (Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering)
e-Mail daesikcho2021@gmail.com

Name JongHyun Yoon
Undergraduate Pai Chai University (Life science&technology)
e-Mail jonghyunyoon94@gmail.com